Beilun Futuo Mechanical Tools Co., Ltd.



Beilun Futuo Mechanical Tools Co., Ltd was founded from the first manufacturer of Industrial brushes in the people’s republic of China since 1991 and we are focused on distributing our products in the industrial and D.I.Y. markets. The Modern machinery working at a production site of approximately 30,000 sqm, offers the perfect preconditions for the customer-orientated policy of our company and our principle. Best quality with International standard and courteous service for customers.
Using the most modern production plants and high-quality data processing systems, we can produce long lasting products conform to your requirement. The “know-how” of our company was the basis for development of associated automation. Production plants as well as quality criteria for material and process conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000,Furthermore our brushes conform to DIN EN 1083-1 and -2,also to ANSI Standard. Our QC department monitors our quality system, Global Consumers of our products are protected by our Worldwide Products Liability Insurance.